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Project Title


Light Rail Transit System 2



Projek Usahasama Transit Aliran Ringan Sdn Bhd

Commencement Date


November 1994

Completion Date


June 1999

Project Summary


UEM Builders was the main facilities contractor for the Kuala Lumpur Light Rail Transit System 2 (LRT 2).

The scope of work involved the construction of a 29-km track (comprising 22 km of elevated guideway, 5 km underground track and 2.5 km at grade) linking Petaling Jaya to Gombak.

The project was the construction of 24 LRT stations, of which 17 are above ground, 5 underground and 2 at grade.

The LRT 2 project presented major engineering and construction challenges, and set new standards for the Malaysian construction industry.

Piling work called for a variety of innovative solutions to suit the different terrain transverse by the LRT 2 route. The project includes the construction of two underground stations located along the Klang River in the city centre.

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