Penang, 20 December 2012 – The engineering and construction arm of UEM Group Berhad, UEM Builders Berhad has completed the casting of all precast segmental box girders for the construction of the Second Penang Bridge 100 days ahead of schedule.

The Second Penang Bridge is a segmental concrete box girder bridge. The superstructure or “deck” structure is made up of individual reinforced concrete sections precast at a land based casting yard. These are then transported out to the bridge location and “assembled” to form sections of the bridge which are joined to form the complete bridge deck.

UEM Builders Berhad was awarded the works of constructing the bridge superstructure comprising casting and erection of 8,092 segmental box girders. Each segment is approximately 3 metres high by 4 metres long and 14 metres wide at an average weight between 70 tonnes and 110 tonnes. Each segment has to be individually cast and matched up to the segments adjacent to it. The casting process for each segment takes between 24 hours and 72 hours depending on the type of segment to be cast.

In order to meet the production schedule, UEM Builders set up a casting yard encompassing some 50 acres adjacent to the bridge abutment at Batu Kawan in which 22 moulds and support equipment were deployed. Among the support equipment were 3 straddle carriers of 120 tonnes capacity each, 2 overhead gantry cranes of 150 tonnes capacity each, 3 mobile cranes of 50 tonnes capacity each, 15 overhead gantry cranes of 20 tonnes capacity each, 2 concrete batching plants of 120 cubic metres per hour capacity each and automated steel cutting facilities as well as forklifts and other small equipment. A total of 65 thousand tonnes of steel and 260 thousand cubic metres of high performance concrete were used in casting the full complement of the segmental box girders.

Apart from producing segmental box girders, the casting yard at Batu Kawan has the capability and capacity for the production of precast beams, Industrialised Building Systems (IBS) precast products and other precast products to support the construction industry, particularly in the Northern Region.

Mohd Razin Ghazali, Managing Director of UEM Builders Berhad, said, “In all its operations, UEM Builders’ team continues to work towards meeting its commitment of achieving and exceeding delivery schedules while maintaining recognized best practice, processes, operations and health and safety standards”.

He went on to say that the success behind this achievement is backed by well-trained and experienced employees comprising of 170 engineers and professionals and a total workforce of more than 600 personnel. This is an indication of the commitment, ability, experience and skill sets that UEM Builders possesses for works of this nature and in this case, the longest bridge in South East Asia.

On a project of this size and complexity, a time saving of 100 days is indeed a major achievement that reveals the capacity and ability of the team that has achieved this milestone. With the completion of these works, UEM Builders’ team is in an even better position to take on works of a similar or bigger scope and nature.

The Second Penang Bridge is a 24km long bridge (17 km of which is over water) that, once completed, will not only be the second bridge link between the mainland and the island but also the longest bridge in South East Asia.


Managing Director of  Jambatan Kedua Sdn. Bhd. Datuk Prof. Dr. Ismail Mohammed Taib (infront) leading  the staff for group photo after completion of Second Penang Bridge’s final  segment