UEM Builders has begun a cooperative anti-corruption initiative with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) as part of its effort to ensure the company’s business operation is corruption-free.

This is evident when UEM Builders hosted a talk session on 26 April at UEM Learning Centre with the objective to create anti-corruption awareness and prevention strategies amongst its key stakeholders internally and externally. The talk session was attended by UEM Builders’ subcontractors, suppliers as well as its management and employees. The event concluded with a lively question and answer session involving more than 70 participants present at the session.

Themed Act Against Corruption gave an insight on the importance of corporate governance, accountability and how corruption can be a major obstacle to the stability, growth and competitiveness of organisation.

The session was led by Abdul Samat Kasah, Deputy Director of Community Education Division of MACC. He emphasised that the ramifications of corruption are dire, as it brings adverse consequences to the economy and the nation as a whole.

He went on to say that anti-corruption does not begin with one individual. It includes everyone. And this is leadership, these are employees, contractors, suppliers and everyone in the business operation. It is important for every person to collaborate together to curb corruption and for the organisation to have an intervention plan. The fight against corruption is a continuous process.

The talk session is in line with UEM Builders’ increased focus on good corporate governance, enhanced transparency, risk and compliance, internal audit and accountability which form an integral part of the company’s offensive capability and enables overall business agility and resiliency.

UEM Builders’ anti-corruption awareness program helps to build a climate of integrity and foster ethical culture amongst its employees and stakeholders and ultimately enhance the company’s performance and competitiveness.