CSRKidzCampLeft UEMB has also conducted a series of activities and events to develop our employees’ children. We believe that while this brings together families and strengthen family ties, it also proves to be part of our good employment practice for the benefit of employees.

Since 2007, we have created our own brand of Kidz Programs, roping in elements of fun, adventure and a lot of learning opportunities to be explored by our young ones.
What we believe our children should have

  • Creativity-driven mindset . Think out-of –the- box
  • Self confidence
  • Opportunity to Speak Out!
  • Appreciation of nature and respect for others
  • Mind-mapping tools
  • Fun, fun and MORE fun…
Our tailor-made programs

  • Kids Camp
  • Educational Visit to Muzium Tunku Fuziah, Penang
  • Educational Visit to Hoto Stainless Steel
  • Educational Visit to Petrosains
  • Educational Visit to Gardenia Bread Factory
  • Mind Mapping Tool

Our Commitment

We will continue to expose and build on the skills of our young ones so they will grow up as highly confident, creative, and persuasive future leaders of the Nation.